Autodesk Digital Type Forum

Full event production, set and lighting design, video, agendas, name badges, registration desk, custom lectern design and build, all technical equipment, several breakout rooms, venue find, project management

Autodesk are a long standing client. The event is a user forum and they wanted a venue which, whilst being cost effective, would be enjoyed by their delegates and one which had a modern, light feel as well as fitting their demands for main plenary session space and several breakout areas. Aston Villa Football club fitted the bill perfectly and delegates also had a tour of the ground.

We worked with Autodesk marketing department to design an event which would encourage attendance and give value to the attendees. We booked Vicki Butler Henderson to host the event to connect with the use of Autodesk software in the design of many of the world’s most famous cars and we designed a set which reflected their corporate feel and styling. We used high quality HD projectors in order to portray their software in the best possible way. As well as providing all technical equipment for all the event areas, we created an exhibition area in the foyer and produced signage throughout.